Team Tankers leads the way in crew welfare

Team Tankers International has made an industry-leading commitment to crew welfare by investing in an innovative new ship hardening device created as a last line of defence for boarded ships.

The shipping company is an early adopter of security devices manufactured by Easi-Chock, a company founded by former UKSF serviceman and ship security guard Wayne Harrison after he survived a pirate attack in 2010.

Team Tankers has incorporated the use of the innovative new security into its formal security procedures and will not send any of its vessels through high risk areas without its presence.

Easi-Chock’s ship hardening devices deny intruders access into the superstructure, and create multiple internal layers of defences, all of which stop intruders from taking control of the ship or gaining access to the crew.


Kate Chaston from Team Tankers said;

“Whilst piracy in the Indian Ocean is not at the peak levels which we witnessed in 2010, the threat is still very real and is certainly no cause for complacency. However, we are seeing an increase in attacks in SE Asia and West Africa as demonstrated by the 2nd recent hijacking off the coast of Benin, and therefore ensuring crew welfare is an essential concern.

It is vitally important to proactively safeguard our ships and our crew. That doesn’t mean doing the bare minimum, it means being aware of the latest innovations in security, and where appropriate, adopting these measures to maximise our security and deter the threat of piracy.

We are confident that our commitment to install the latest breakthrough in ship hardening is testament to those aims and will ensure that all of our crew can have complete confidence in the robust nature of protection both they and our ships are subject to.”


In 2017, Team Tanker International carried 70 different products across the globe including chemicals, vegetable oils and refined petroleum.

Last year 180 pirate attacks and incidences of armed robbery on ships were reported to the International Chamber of Commerce’s International Maritime Bureau.


Wayne Harrison, former ship security guard and founder of Easi Chock said:

“The threat of piracy is always evolving and becoming more resilient and sophisticated. Simply following the minimum BNP4 guidelines is not sufficient for ensuring protection of a ship’s crew – and I can say that from experience.

Ensuring protection for the crew in situations where a ship is boarded by criminals is crucial – it’s not a scenario that can be overlooked. Having a contingency plan in place, so that crew members are not left vulnerable and exposed to capture if pirates board a vessel, can ultimately save lives.

Forward-thinking companies like Team Tankers International understand this risk – and it’s great to see them taking extra measures to fulfil their duty of care to the crew on their ships.

“From experiencing a pirate attack first hand, I know that the crew needs to have practical and effective security devices available to them for use in a highly stressful situation.

The Easi Chock devices were created specifically with that the scenario in mind. On all the ships in which they are installed, we provide a full ship audit to highlight vulnerable access points, training to the crew and demonstrations of how the products should be installed. This training is essential for crew members to feel comfortable operating the devices and can deploy them in a timely and effective manner.”


Easi-Chock products can be installed by the crew within 20 minutes and full training is provided.

Since Easi-Chock was established in 2013, the company has hardened over 150 vessels, including bulk carriers and tankers.

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