Piracy: An Overview

A decade ago the scourge of Somali piracy was posing a huge threat to shipping in the Gulf of Aden, Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean. To the great relief of the maritime industry, the viability of this criminal ‘business model’ was eventually broken. The hijacking of ships by heavily-armed seagoing gangs...

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Ship hardening products borne from necessity

Wayne Harrison, ex-UK special forces serviceman, founded Easi-Chock after he survived a Somali pirate attack in 2010. Wayne and his security team kept the crew safe using improvised devices to lock doors and portholes and create an impenetrable citadel...

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Team Tankers leads the way in crew welfare

Team Tankers International has made an industry-leading commitment to crew welfare by investing in an innovative new ship hardening device created as a last line of defence for boarded ships. The shipping company is an early adopter of security devices manufactured by Easi-Chock...

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