South East Asia and Indian Sub Continent


Robbers targeting ships preparing to anchor. Most attacks reported at Chittagong anchorages and approaches.


Tanjung Priok – Jakarta / Dumai, Belawan, Taboneo, Muara Jawa waters. Pirates normally armed with guns / knives and / or machetes. Generally be vigilant in other areas. Many attacks may have gone unreported. Pirates/Robbers normally attack vessel during the night. When spotted and alarm sounded, pirates/robbers usually abort the attempted attack. Attacks in Dumai remain a concern.

Malacca Straits

Ships are advised to continue maintaining strict anti-piracy watches when transiting the straits.

Singapore Straits

Vessels are advised to remain vigilant and to continue maintaining adequate anti-piracy watch and measures. Pirates/Robbers attack ships while underway or while anchored at the Straits.

South China Sea

Vessels are advised to remain vigilant in the vicinity off Anambas / Natuna / Mangkai islands / Subi Besar / Merundung.


Africa and Red Sea

Lagos (Nigeria)

Pirates/Robbers are often violent and have attacked, hijacked and robbed vessels / kidnapped crews along the coast, rivers, anchorages, ports and surrounding waters. Attacks reported up to 120nm from coast. In some incidents, pirates hijacked the vessels for several days and ransacked the vessels and stole part cargo usually gas oil. A number of crew members were injured in past attacks. Generally all waters in Nigeria remain risky. Vessels are advised to be vigilant as many attacks may have gone unreported. Attacks also reported at/off Port Harcourt and Conakry.

Cotonou (Benin)

This area remains risky. Past attacks showed that the pirates/robbers in this area are well armed and are violent and in some incidents, pirates/robbers had fired at ships. Many tankers were reported attacked and hijacked. Pirates forced Masters to sail to an unknown location where ship’s properties and sometimes part cargo stolen (gas oil). A number of crew members were also injured in the past.

Lome ( Togo )

Attacks are increasing. Pirates in the area are well armed, violent and dangerous. Attacks can occur at anchorages and off the coast and usually at night. Some attacks resulted in the vessel being hijacked for several days where the vessel was ransacked and part cargo stolen (gas oil).

Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

First hijacking occurred at Abidjan anchorage recently with pirates sailing the tanker off to Nigeria to off load part cargo and stealing crew's/tanker's valuables. Indications are that the Gulf of Guinea pirates that usually attacked vessels at Nigeria/Benin/Togo have spread to the ivory coast. The pirates may also target vessels at neighbouring Ghana.

Gulf of Aden / Red Sea

Somali pirates usually attack ships in the northern Somali coast in the Gulf of Aden and southern Red Sea in the Bab El Mandeb TSS. The pirates fire automatic weapons and Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG) at merchant vessels in an attempt to board and hijack them.  Once the attack is successful and the vessel hijacked, they would sail the vessel towards the Somali coast and thereafter demand a ransom for the release of the vessel and crew. All vessels transiting the area are advised to take additional precautionary measures and maintain strict 24 hours visual and radar anti-piracy watch using all available means.


Usual modus operandi of the Somali pirates is to attack ships in the northern, eastern and southern coast of Somalia.  Past attacks reaching up to off Kenya, off Tanzania, off Seychelles, off Madagascar off Mozambique/Mozambique Channel and in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea / off Oman, Gulf of Oman and off west coast India and off western Maldives.

Somali pirates are dangerous and are prepared to fire their automatic weapons and RPG at vessels in order to stop them. Pirates normally use “mother vessels” to launch attacks at very far distance from coast.  Many past attacks had taken place more than 1,000 nm from the Somali coast (towards Indian west and south coast in the Indian Ocean). These pirates have also attacked vessels close to the coast of Tanzanian, Kenya, Somalia, Yemen and Oman.

Masters are cautioned that attempted attacks and suspicious approaches have taken place as far east as 76°E, as far south as 22°S and as far north as 26 °N (just south of the Straits of Hormuz).


South America

Guyana, Colombia and Peru have all seen pirate attacks whilst vessels were either in port or at anchor.

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